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Fabulous ancient 19th century farmhouse for sale in the picturesque countryside of Ceglie Messapica, Apulia approx 20km from the beach, this unique property has been finely restored with quality throughout. Ideal investment for Bed & Breakfast, rental income or true Italian holiday home!

Apulia Beach House For Sale


Situated in one of the most popular beaches of Apulia, in Torre Santa Sabina, this remarkable  property is an ideal holiday home for the perfect location, less than 20 steps from the beach and short walking distance to shops and amenities. The villa also offers a full sea view and roof terrace to relax and enjoy.

Italian Turlli Property For Sale


Tucked in the relaxed Salento countryside and at 15 minutes drive from the beach this traditional Trullo house has been completely renovated and converted into a modern and comfortable home with high end finishes and unique, fairy-tale charm!

Apulia investment property for sale


For sale in the countryside of Fasano, a wonderful and impressive farm, with watch towers overlooking the sea. and within walking distance from the golf courses, the marina and luxury hotels. This is a prime investment opportunity in an area of Italy on the up and up.

Apulia Italy

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If there is still a part of Italy to unveil it is surely Apulia, the exciting “heel of Italy” – as much it’s easy to find it on the map it’s even easier to fall in love with Puglia – Italians often call this region in plural, Le Puglie, due to its diversity in landscape, climate and culture. Even if the treasures of Apulia have been known for centuries it’s only in the last 20 years that this part of the Italian South entered the international travel itineraries, becoming immediately “ a surprising discovery” for well traveled lovers of Italy – be it for unspoiled nature, for unique geography, climate and architecture or for Unesco heritage sites like the town of Alberobello and Castel del Monte castle. With sublime food, wine and open minded local hospitality – whatever prevails for a visitor, it surely triggers an intense attraction, curiosity and heartfelt delight – as one of our clients put it : “After years of travelling around Italy I had no idea there was such an area in Italy – it’s stunning, it’s inspiring and I want to buy a property here! “                                                                                                                                   

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Trullo House For Sale Apulia

Having shared a similar history with the rest of Southern Italy, ( with Old Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Normans, Swabians, Angevins, Aragoneses, the Spanish, Ottoman Turks domination's) Apulia abounds with traces of the past combined with authentic local features – one of them being the peculiar “ trullis “ – dry-stone, small dwellings with conical roofs ( first dated to Bronze Age and most built in 14th century ) found in Salento area of Puglia with Alberobello as Trulli fairy tale capital !                                                                                      


Salento, as the most sought after part of Apulia is however much more - From the “White Town” Ostuni to the awesome baroque city of Lecce, known as the Florence of the South, to southernmost Santa Maria di Leuca, to the inland Grottaglie, with its vineyards and ceramics, Salento is vast and various – “ a necklace of sparkling villages strung along the limestone peninsula dividing  the Adriatic and Ionian seas.” The Apulian shore line is over 800 km long and the most popular, sandy beaches are in Salento area – partly equipped with fashionable beach resorts partly as natural as they come – where you bring your own deckchair or beach towel and enjoy the sunny peace of sea-waves! Curiously enough, the touristic activity of Salento is not only tied to the past or present travel – it happens to be the place of the construction of an Italian spaceport, that will provide the infrastructure for future Virgin Galactic suborbital flights, first planned already for 2020 !

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Apulia Real Estate Italy

Another reason Salento is so attractive is the “masseria trend” - the ancient fortified farmhouses found only in Puglia, being turned into boutique hotels and luxurious private homes, situated in genuine, non manicured Mediterranean countryside at 10-20 minutes from the sea, with breath-taking views, land under olive grove or vineyard and with attractive, sometimes exotic living spaces of trulli and “lamias” – the real estate market, for masserias, villas and apartments started growing in the last decade as it’s hard to find, anywhere in Italy, the size, quality, position, local climate, “from farm to table food and wine” and great accessibility for such great value for the money! Many Apulia property buyers start off with a small holiday home and within few years buy a bigger masseria or a villa with a pool as a small hospitality business (boutique hotel, B&B ) before they retire and fully use it as home and income activity.  The region’s 1,000-year-old wine culture, which began when the Greeks planted vines from their land across the Adriatic is also attracting many oenophiles from all over the world so vineyards became an important realty request too.                                    


Comparing the villas, farmhouses, vineyards and holiday apartments to the rest of Italy (in Liguria, Sardinia, Tuscany, etc) with equal quality, size and sea-view position Puglia offers the best prices, at least 25% to 30% less!  As one happy Puglia homeowner says: "it’s not only about the good price I secured, it’s about living in such a fascinating place, as I always dreamed". 


It could be one of the reasons in January this year The New York Times has put Puglia as the 18th most beautiful place in the world to visit, among 52 other superb locations. Our vast choice of Puglia property investments range from small holiday apartments and masseria’s to luxury villas and hotels – buying a property in this diverse area of Italy is savvy, safe and fun for all ages, we personalize your search and are dedicated to finding the ideal property solution in this stupendous corner of Italy for you!

Puglia Property Italy

If you are looking to buy property in Apulia, your search ends with Waterfront Portfolio and our professional property finding expertise together with our immense range of Apulia real estate for sale!


We have a number of beautiful Apulia homes on the beaches and in the hills above the waterfront providing panoramic open sea views, cool breezes and breath-taking scenery.


Our selection of property in Apulia for sale includes; villas and apartments, boutique hotels, renovation properties and traditional 'Trulli' property for sale. If you are thinking about investing in Apulia and need help identifying the ideal holiday home or investment property or would like to speak to one of our Apulia property experts for guidance on areas, buying procedures or anything else then please get in touch with us today and we shall be delighted to help!


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