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Get access to the best private islands, beachfront land plots and waterfront villas for sale in Anambas, Indonesia. Situated less than 200km from Singapore Anambas offers an untouched tropical paradise.

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Indonesia's Best Kept Secret

Whether you are seeking a private island for sale in Indonesia or wanting land to develop an eco-resort, beach residences - perhaps a world class hotel, our exclusive Indonesian real estate for sale offers a diverse selection of prime investment opportunities to suit all purposes. 

Our portfolio offers exceptional parcels in close proximity to Singapore the rest of Indonesia and Malaysia as well as new listings in one of the hottest new investment zones in Asia - the pristine Anambas Archipelago!


Featuring great investment alternatives with development permission to develop small retreats, over water villas, private residences or large scale resorts, we can provide our clients with unrivaled options that can be explored locally together with the support of our international team of market & construction experts.

Indonesia is now prime for investment with many new world class resorts and government incentives for foreign investors to enjoy. To find out how you can take advantage please just request more info and we shall send you a complete portfolio + investment pack tailored to meet your budget and objectives.

Explore our exclusive Waterfront Portfolio of land, beach villas & private islands for sale in Anambas, Indonesia's best kept secret!

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Latest Anambas Real Estate For Sale

Anambas Land For Sale

Anambas Beachfront Land For Sale

Prime seafront land plot 35,000m2 with coconut palm lined beach. Water rights are available for over water villas and private jetties. Superb corals & sea life less than 50 metres offshore. A fabulous opportunity to invest in Anambas.




Private Island in Anambas For Sale

Large 40 hectare private island with palm tree lined soft white sand beaches. Ideal for a eco-resort or residence project. Some of the best sea life in the archipelago, clear lagoon less than 1km from underwater dive caves.



Anambas Villas

Anambas Beach Villas For Sale 

Unique opportunity to own one of a small limited collection of exclusive luxury beachfront villas to be developed among sublime natural beauty matched with 5 star amenities on one of the Anambas Archipelago's most desired private islands.



As the leading real estate agents for Anambas we have access to an exclusive portfolio of over 30 different land plots, private islands and hill top sites for sale.

Anambas Indonesia



The archipelago consists of 238 islands covering 637km2 that span 140km end to end.  The archipelago is sparsely populated, with only 40,000 people occupying 26 of the islands and the remaining 212 islands that make up the archipelago are totally uninhabited. 


The islands are mostly untouched and largely unexplored. They are surrounded by extensive coral lagoons (Anambas is recognized as having some of the best coral dive sites in the world) and consist mainly of volcanic mounts and cliffs interspersed with white sanded beaches and gentle hills.


The islands were largely unknown to tourists outside of diving enthusiasts and the sailing community, although they are gaining increasing popularity since being mentioned in high profile media since 2012 (CNN et al).


Since gaining popularity and wider recognition in recent years, the Anambas archipelago is being favorably compared to both the Maldives and Ha Long Bay Vietnam. Consensus among tourists is that it is a direct cross between the two, but features richer sea life and coral than the Maldives and some similar topography to Ha Long bay, but with coral based white beaches instead of yellow or other colored volcanic sand beaches.

Float Plane Anambas


National air route from either Tanjung Pinang or Batam airports, with a flying time of 40 minutes.

The islands are currently serviced from Tanjung Pinang, by either fast ferry (7 hours journey) or the cruise ship Bukit Raya. The regional airport is nearing completion and the Indonesian Government has planned and authorised for establishment of both national and international air routes to the new airport. 


The islands are 280km North East of Singapore, 440km East of Kuala Lumpur and 2329km South South West of Hong Kong. Once international air routes are open to the new airport, the islands will be 35 minutes flight time from Singapore and 4 hours from Hong Kong.  This will make the archipelago readily accessible to the European and American tourist markets.

In the meantime, should resorts be completed and operating prior to International air transport routes, the islands could be accessed by float plane directly from Singapore or the Indonesian Island of Batam, adjacent to Singapore.  The trip would take 60 minutes.




Annual regattas take place from Singapore, with sail boats staying up to a week travelling around the archipelago.  It is also a popular transit stop for European, Australian and American sailboats on extended journeys.  Regattas typically originate from both Singapore and Malaysia.



The most famous wrecks in the region are the Seven Skies and Igara wrecks. The prevalence of ancient corals, whale sharks and Manta Rays as well as endangered fish species makes Anambas one of the most highly rated dive regions in the world.  There is local anecdotal evidence of older wrecks or partially remaining wrecks, however the local population are not willing to divulge details or locations.  Most divers charter a live aboard dive boat from Singapore and travel to the archipelago via an immigration stop in Nongsa on Batam Island. 

Diving in Anambas

With abundant coral reef surrounding most areas at shallow depths and the richness and diversity of sea life, including the endangered Maori Wrasse, snorkelling takes place everywhere and is a popular pastime for most tourists.


Leatherback Turtle Conservation

Every year from May to August, various conservation organisations travel to Durai island to view and assist the leatherback turtle population to lay eggs and also to help release the young turtles. 

Regional Waterfalls

Anambas has 3 main waterfalls, Neraja, Air Bunyi and Temburun.  Temburun is the most majestic with 7 terraces along it's length before it empties into Peniting Strait.  Rock pools at the crest of the waterfall are popular with locals and tourists of all ages alike.

Over Water Villages

Kayaking or sailing through the numerous village is a popular method of taking in the sights and sampling some of the food and culture of the region.  Small speed boats and local wooden "Pompongs" can be hired as an alternative method of sightseeing throughout the islands.

Anambas Archipelago

Lets find your piece of paradise in the Anambas Archipelago!

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