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Head to where Eastern Europe and Western Asia collide, and you’ll find Turkey, a stunning jewel in the crown of the Mediterranean.


This vibrant country is a fusion of culture, ethnic diversity and vast landscape that encompasses mountains, islands, lakes and incredible coastline. There is a wide range of waterfront property in Turkey, and from these stunning properties lie many gems to discover - both the well known and the hidden. There are activities for the adventurous, monasteries, mosques and museums for the culturally curious, and cities that are as quirky as they are picturesque. For those wanting to immerse themselves into the chronicles of a country’s deep past, Turkey is nothing short of perfect. 

waterfront real estate in turkey for sale

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Turkey has undergone occupation by numerous empires over the years – the Ottoman, Byzantine, Greek and Roman to name a few. The result is a fascinating blend of culture, architecture and history that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.


This cultural diversity is evident when looking at the people, and also when discovering the rich variance in buildings throughout. From majestic mosques such as the Blue Mosque in historic Istanbul to the breath-taking monument that is the Hagia Sophia, there is plenty to discover today that reminds us of Turkey’s colorful and ancient roots. Istanbul Atatürk Airport is well connected internationally, so there are plenty of flights to accommodate holiday-goers or family members arriving to visit ex-pats who now call here home. Once in Istanbul, there’s much to enjoy locally, or excellent further transit connections and modern roads make it easy to get out of the city to discover some of the country’s idyllic coastline. Dip into the world-famous Black Sea (Karadeniz), or discover one of the country’s more hidden beach treasures. There are small white sand coves, and many great diving spots in which you can discover past relics in the way of sea-floor ruins. Lovers of delicious food will be spoilt for choice by the different types of cuisine available; the many different cultural influences that have shaped the country have also informed the local cuisine, resulting in a huge amount of variety. The food is heavily influenced by Balkan and Greek food, which has culminated in a range of dishes all of which are flavored with aromatic herbs and spices.


Religions, empires and immigrants have shaped the face of modern-day Turkey, resulting in archaeological treasures in abundance. But while there are many ruins and relics, cosmopolitan cities like Istanbul (which spans both Europe and Asia) have modern conveniences in terms of shopping, restaurants, amenities and entertainment as well. GET IN TOUCH to start your property search in Turkey!

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Turkey real estate includes some of the worlds most luxurious beachfront villas surrounded by lush pine forests, glistening seas and nature. There is an abundance of fascinating seafront real estate in Turkey for sale to be discovered, beautiful properties line the pristine coastlines and waterfront villages of the Aegean, expensive luxury property in Turkey scattered along the famous Bosphorus shores and Istanbul's up coming Golden Horn estuary offers a high yielding hot spot if you are wanting to invest in Turkey. 

We have a number of simply stunning sea-front homes available for sale in Turkey, which make both an ideal investment and a fantastic holiday home. Our local office teams offer a complete service from sourcing through to furnishing and more! Want to know more about the many great reasons to invest in Turkey? Contact the Waterfront Portfolio team today for more information about our real estate in Turkey for sale!


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Turkey map to help you locate which areas to invest & to buy properties in Turkey, by using this map of Turkey you can understand where areas are situated to make it easier when researching more about property Turkey. 

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Located at the point where Europe and Asia join together, spread over two Continents, divided by the glorious Bosphorus waterfront is Istanbul is one of the greatest cities in the world. In Istanbul you can find a modern westernized city combined with a traditional eastern paradise, a diverse melting pot of many cultures, cuisines and remarkable waterfronts to invest in.

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