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Reaching a Deal

We have been buying / selling businesses & properties for 40+ years, if you are considering to sell we can help.

As well as real estate we also invest in businesses that have been hit by the recession or where the owner wants to retire, leave or restructure to suit their new life goals. Contact our expert team today and find out how we can help you to sell your business, property or investment without any fuss!

Then get in touch with us to get it sold!

We respect your privacy and will never share your information. By completing this form you are consenting to waterfront portfolio to store your information for processing this inquiry and sharing information with our group of companies and partners in relation to this inquiry.

Thinking About Selling Your Business, Property or Investment?


Why selling with Waterfront Portfolio makes sense!

  • Over 40 years experience both buying & selling all types of investments globally.

  • Direct access to a large database of investors.

  • Successful strategies and a tailored approach to secure you the best deal possible.

  • Highly proficient in business, property and alternative investment sales.

  • A professional network of industry specialists and sales negotiators to get you from sale agreed to money in the bank.

  • Flexible approach to save you time and money with fast results.

  • Understanding of all circumstances & industry sectors.


So, what are you waiting for?

Want to know more?

Download a copy of our services brochures here

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