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Of all the waterfront places one could imagine living, beaches offer the most exciting lifestyle ever. Adopting a beach life and buying a beach house is something most of us would dream of and the good news is that there are lots of beach real estate investment opportunities around the world to choose from providing the perfect new home and beach life that you desire.

Buying a beach house at one of the world’s best beaches is an exhilarating journey full of challenges and finding the right property can become an emotional experience, especially when you locate your dream home. The internet is a great place to start your property search as it allows you to first explore waterfront locations and investments without having to travel or commit too much time before you have shortlisted some potential areas of interest. 

Once you really decide to probe the idea of starting a new beach life its time to seek the help of a professional. The lifestyle and investment specialists at 'Waterfront Portfolio' are personally experienced in beach living and will be able to assist you in identifying practicalities that you may have initially overlooked, they will also provide recommendations based on your specific needs with a focus on discovering the best abode for you to start your new beach life. 

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What do you gain by buying a beach house?

There are many benefits of buying a beach house, especially if you are an adventurous individual or sun worshiper! Some of these benefits include;

Tranquility- having a house close to the beach allows you to escape the modern day rush, walking bare foot in the sand provides instant stress relief with the sound of the sea a therapeutic remedy to calm the mind. An early morning walk or stroll at dusk alongside the waves helps rekindle inner peace that you can achieve by living on the beach.

Stunning views- a beach lifestyle exposes you to two extraordinary spectacles, the view of the rising sun over the sea each morning and then when it sets at evening. These magical daily occurrences are enjoyed most by the people lucky enough to live right at the beach.

Care for the environment- most beaches are always clean, often maintained by local residents collectively doing their bit to care for the environment. If your house is next to a beautiful white sandy beach you naturally become more aware of nature and conservation, preserving the beauty of a beach goes with the lifestyle.

A sense of pride- not everyone has the chance to experience beach living, if you acquire property on the beach as well of the massive investment gains that you will be proud of, your quality of life will also invoke pride when sharing your living standards among your peers.

Good health- beach life, in particular, improves the health of people living close to the shore. The fresh sea air has been known to cure asthma and other respiratory conditions, sea water is especially good for skin and hair. There is an overall belief that living by the beach is an all round health enhancer providing a much healthier lifestyle than urban life.


New hobbies- living next to the beach allows you to seek adventure again in spite of your age. Taking time to collect beach treasures, or part take in the many activities that can be enjoyed at the beach such as; yoga, photography, water sports, diving, fishing, sun bathing and much more!


Do you have the beach bug? 

There is usually nothing like the beach bug, people who become accustomed to living close to the beach have certain tendencies and lifestyle similarities, for example;

They love the beach- beach life can be addictive with this bond often formed during childhood, via fond holiday memories or travel experiences. Anyone living on the coast will attest to the fact that beaches offer a privileged lifestyle, abundant activities and health gains not found in any other topography.

Enjoy Freedom- most people who have decided to settle in a beach area enjoy a liberated lifestyle, even people with hectic schedules manage to find time to enjoy their waterfront surroundings, it really is impossible not too. Whether it be a weekend picnic, a jog along the seaside before work or a simply sitting on the sand and watching the waves, the sense of freedom enjoyed is priceless.

Do not watch endless TV- with so many activities and nature to appreciate, beach life offers a good alternative to sitting on the sofa watching TV. Living on the coast draws you into spending more time outside breathing in the fresh sea air, engaging in new hobbies and taking in visual delights of the ocean.



Many people yearn to have a good life and nothing can be better than adopting a healthy, invigorating beach lifestyle through buying a beach house on the waterfront. One off visits to the seaside are fun but do not encapsulate the full style of living that is available by buying a beach house, with so many fabulous properties to choose from maybe it is time for you to invest into a new home and life on the beach.    GET IN TOUCH!

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