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The Evolving Face of River Life!

Many people would love to lead a river life, living in tranquil surroundings among nature enjoying walks along the river bank. There are so many world famous rivers that buyers are spoiled for choice when searching for riverfront real estate. One of the most popular is the river Thames, running through central London out to glorious country suburbs like Buckinghamshire, two complete contrasting locations ever evolving and ideal for river life.

Whether you are a city lover or country bumpkin a river lifestyle is equally achievable and often the form of waterfront living to accommodate both hectic and laid back styles of life. No matter your job or daily chores a river life adds an element of comfort and opens channels of activities that are not available in typical cities or landscapes without a river. Many people join rowing clubs and enjoy some early morning exertion or after work socializing in the clubs house, others participate in fishing, few lucky folk take a champagne cruise in their waterfront crafts down the river, what a life for some!

As part of the water ecosystem, rivers provide a natural environment for aquatic life, something that can be admired by anyone relishing a river lifestyle. At times, the mere sound of the peaceful flow of water acts as an immediate calming influence another special aspect for those wishing to take residence along the river bank.

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Reasons to buy riverfront homes

Initially when people think of a river house they imagine something quintessential with a garden on the river bank, this description does represent many beautiful riverfront real estate for sale, especially in the British countryside and Spanish inland territories, but some of the most awesome houses on the river are located in major cities. The Hudson river flowing through New York is a locale with outstanding waterfront property, some of the most lavish riverfront riverfront homes can also be found along the Thames river bank in London. Unlike the majority of beach and lakefront investments for sale, a river house is an appealing option to city lovers and those wanting a waterfront lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle somewhere quiet. Each option is associated with positive points and challenges, including some of the following;

Buying riverfront homes in the city


  • Noise; if there is one thing that all cities have in common its noise pollution, having said that most properties will have double glazing so you will not be as effected once chilling at inside your river house.

  • Expensive Prices; it is no secret that buying a new modern riverfront home in the city is not cheap, we will however do everything possible to find the best opportunities in budget and help you negotiate a margin of discount!

  • Service Charges; many of today's luxury properties on the river bank are located in brand new sky scrapers featuring fabulous onsite amenities like swimming pools, fitness centers and private parking, although a great addition and must have for many buyers these facilities will incur a monthly service charge.

  • Capital Growth; if you are lucky enough to be able to afford a riverfront homes in a city then you will be pleased to hear that historically a property on the riverbank will appreciate considerably in value year on year!

  • Market Buoyancy; generally property markets in popular cities is always moving and demand is always ripe attracting both domestic and international investors meaning when you come to sell you waterfront property in the city you should have a no problem in achieving a quick sale.

  • Views; stunning river views is an obvious advantage to owning a property in any waterfront location.

  • Social Life; all cities offer a variety of social activities and once your friends learn that you live on the river, you will be inundated with social visits from admirers of your river life.

  • Rental Yields; another positive to buying a house or apartment on the riverfront is the ability to earn high income should you decide to rent your property, the combination of city and waterfront will fuse to increase your financial gains.

Buying a river house in the country

  • Maintenance Fees; all properties require maintenance once in a while and when you buy on the riverfront you will need to spend a little time ensuring that your river bank is clean and tidy, keeping both your neighbors and the local wildlife happy!

  • Flooding; not something that all residents living on the riverfront will experience, however there is still a risk for some homes and therefore risk management and consultation should be considered before you buy.

  • Erosion; with heavy rain, storms and ice comes the possibility of river bank erosion which can lead to flooding and in extreme cases dangers from changes in foundation levels. If you are dealing with a waterfront specialist then you will be advised accordingly.


  • Tranquility; peace and quiet is easily enjoyed when living a life on the river and your river house will become your own private sanctuary to enjoy.

  • Views; watching the early morning sunrise and capturing breath taking evening sunsets are part and parcel of a river lifestyle.

  • Investment Value; river houses in the country are in the most part few and far between, this lack of supply automatically has a positive affect on the value of the property meaning that the price will rarely fall below market level. 

  • Activities; by living on the riverfront you are able to revel in numerous activities like fishing from your garden, wild life watching, swimming, boating, rowing and much more.

  • Pace of Life; a house on the river banks is a place to relax, a tranquil haven for you to realize the necessity of quality time, to recharge and be happy in your glorious waterfront environment.​

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Magical Riverfront Quirks

In spite of a few challenges most of which are outweighed by the positives, a river-dwelling is bound to provide an individual with the most exciting of adventures and experiences on a daily basis. Some of these include;

  1. Bird song- a morning serenade is a great way to start your day!

  2. Fresh fish- cast a rod from your living room arm chair or tie a bell to your river bank fishing line, dinner is served.

  3. Wildlife- if you decide to acquire a riverfront property close to some of the larger more tropical rivers like the Amazon, you may be lucky enough to spot hippos or crocodiles roaming. Perhaps a safer choice would be the Thames where a magical visit from a Kingfisher or pair of love Swans will brighten up your day.

  4. Therapeutic sounds - the sound of flowing water is proven to help relaxation and can be the ideal form of generating inner peace.


A river life is a very exciting notion,  finding the right river house can take time and you will definitely require the guidance of a waterfront real estate expert. Getting a property which suits your pocket could be a problem if you use a standard estate agent without the necessary experience, however once you secure your piece of the river bank your investment is inclined to appreciate considerably in value and the lack of supply will mean a viable sale if you ever get tired of life on the river.  To start your search for a new river home just contact us!

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