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Waterfront Real Estate For Sale

Waterfront real estate is our forte, we offer a quality waterfront portfolio of luxury properties & investments.  Find Waterfront Real Estate For Sale Today!

Luxury Portfolio Waterfront Real Estate For Sale 

Luxury waterfront real estate

For over 20 years the team at Waterfront Portfolio has specialized in the sourcing, marketing and sales of luxury waterfront real estate.

With over 1,000 different types of waterfront real estate for sale in over 30 locations world-wide you can be assured in our ability to find you the perfect; home, office, land, hotel, building, marina or other real estate investment on the waterfront. 

Our waterfront real estate portfolio is very comprehensive, through our specialist location offices and professional property networks we are able to cover extensive ground within the real estate sector and our focus on the waterfront makes us leaders within this prestigious niche.

Our website does showcase a varied example of opportunities from our waterfront real estate portfolio, however due to confidentiality agreements with many sellers a lot of fabulous options are not published anywhere online and are instead sold privately off market. For this reason it is highly recommended that all serious investors contact us with details of your real estate search criteria via the form on this page or by using the bespoke property search feature on our website to provide us with a detailed description about your desired waterfront real estate. Let us help you to discover great waterfront real estate for sale, all you need to do is GET IN TOUCH!

Latest Waterfront Real Estate News

Sea View Waterfront Real Estate

Top 10 Questions When Searching For Waterfront Real Estate For Sale:

  1. Where do you want to buy waterfront real estate?

  2. What type of waterfront real estate are you wanting to invest in?

  3. Do you have a preferred style of architecture?

  4. Reason for investing; relocation? vacation home? business premises?

  5. What is your investment budget? Do you require finance?

  6. Do you have any special requirements or wish list requests?

  7. Tell us about your lifestyle, any waterfront activities that you enjoy?

  8. Do you prefer; Seafront? Lakefront? Riverfront? Marina?

  9. An idea of the size of waterfront real estate, no of rooms? offices?

  10. When can you travel to view our portfolio?

The above information is vital for our professional sales consultants to understand as it assists us to learn more about you and your waterfront real estate search criteria. We appreciate that it is not always possible for clients to fully know what they want or need which is why our expert team are trained to work with you in tandem helping to identify the most important aspects that you, your family or business require meeting expectations, practicalities and investment objectives.

To start searching Waterfront Real Estate for sale now GET IN TOUCH! 

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