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Real Estate Truths: Waterfront Property vs Luxury Homes For Sale..

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Waterfront Property is only available to the rich and famous. NOT TRUE!

Waterfront Property Luxury Homes For Sale

When discussing real estate truths with buyers it has become apparent that there is a common preconception about Waterfront Property, often a negative stigma that generally evolves from envy or ignorance. This idea of many real estate buyers is that they will never own or experience the exciting opportunity of searching for luxury waterfront homes for sale and thus are too quick to pass judgement on something which is very easy to achieve with the right guidance and expertise.

Owning a waterfront property is the dream of many individuals and nothing can match the excitement when viewing luxury waterfront homes for sale. It is an experience which is set by the scene, whether you are looking to start a new #riverlife, #lakelife or #beachlife viewing waterfront real estate is great fun!

The cool breeze, flowing water, open views and nature are invigorating. The surrounding atmosphere of a waterfront property provides a safe feeling, peace of mind, stillness and relaxation. Without doubt these waterfront lifestyle traits resonate with much of the rich and famous, however the sheer diversity of locations that you can find luxury waterfront homes for sale offers opportunities to match most budgets allowing almost anyone to enjoy a wealthy life complete with Kudos that comes with owning this magical type of real estate.

All Luxury Waterfront Homes For Sale Pose A Flood Risk.


Buying a Waterfront Property doesn't need to be any more complicated than acquiring traditional real estate. No matter whether you are searching for luxury waterfront homes for sale in Asia, the Caribbean, Italy, Spain, Turkey or the UK a qualified real estate agent like Waterfront Portfolio will provide the professional guidance required to advise you and protect your investment interest's and lifestyle goals.

Having a stunning waterfront property setting has many perks - but you do need to consider flood risks especially if you are considering to buy an older home. A quick survey will indicate any potential concerns which can be quickly analysed for extra preventative measures to ensure security against increased water levels.

If you are considering a search for brand new luxury waterfront homes for sale then you will discover that the construction company have already taken into consideration the potential of #flooding and will have developed the waterfront property with these precautions in mind. Also many luxury waterfront homes for sale can be found on ridge-tops high above the waterline and when buying a waterfront property in the city you are most likely looking at a #condo or #apartment which have raised foundations to protect against any uncertain weather climate.

There are many benefits to buying a Waterfront Property.


Whether you are looking for luxury waterfront homes for sale as a new holiday home, relocation or investment, a waterfront property offers many benefits including;

Privacy: Many waterfront properties are developed among nature, along the #riverfront, #lakefront or #beachfront and therefore are protected from the noise and traffic which can be experienced living in large housing developments. Generally the waterfront protects home owners from nosy neighbors allowing for more privacy - although you may be interrupted by the singing of birds, soft lapping waves or laughter of your family playing in the water.

Low Pollution: Most waterfront real estate is situated within lush green countryside next to a river, lake or on the beachfront encompassed by mineral rich fresh sea air meaning very low pollution levels. Even if you are buying a waterfront property on a busy shipping route like the #BosphorusStrait in #Istanbul, a major

tourism hub like the #GrandCanal in #Venice even the #RiverThames in #London, pollution levels are much lower than you may realize. It it is a scientific fact that water acts as a filter and can drastically reduce harmful pollutants from the surrounding atmosphere which helps to maintain your mental well being as well as your physical health. A great example of a low pollution locations deemed high for all round quality of life are the Italian lakes of #LakeComo & #LakeGarda with a mix of fresh air, Mediterranean diet and calming scenery it is easy to understand why a waterfront lifestyle is most definitely the first choice for health enthusiasts!

Wildlife Diversity: There is no doubt that the natural environment surrounding waterfront property is home to a rich array of #wildlife. You will be especially amazed at the extraordinary range of birds, luxury waterfront homes for sale are an ornithologists dream! Waterfront property also offers the perfect local for #fisherman who can enjoy their hobby morning, day or night. #Divers will be given the opportunity to discover the delights of underwater world as it comes alive with fish species and other exciting wildlife to explore.

Investment Opportunity: Investing in real estate is always a great ordeal and deciding to search for a luxury waterfront home for sale needs a special waterfront investment consultant. When you #invest into waterfront property you are not only investing into real estate, you are also securing a new lifestyle ideal for #retirement or future #relocation. The average rental income achievable through waterfront property is substantially higher than roadside houses, even if they do have curb appeal which is an important factor when choosing real estate for #buytolet.

Waterfront Lifestyle: No one can deny the fact that waterfront living opens a channel of activities which can be enjoyed so frequently! A daily morning #swim, #rowing, #fishing, #sailing, #diving, #waterskiing the list goes on! Not to mentioned the soothing sound of the water fused with magnificent views, nature’s beauty offers a relaxed lifestyle which can reduce stress and increase life longevity.

Conclusion: There are countless reasons why #waterfrontproperty is so preferable. If you want a relaxing and peaceful life, full of fun activities, clean air and sound real estate investment start looking for #luxurywaterfronthomes for sale today!

Waterfront Portfolio is here to help you source, view, negotiate, acquire and furnish your new waterfront property. Our #realestate group has a team of experts that will help you access the luxury waterfront homes for sale in the location of your choice. Whether you are looking to own a property close to a beach, river or lake, our diverse portfolio and worldwide network enable us to provide a complete service and exclusive range of luxury waterfront homes for sale to meet your requirements. Learn more about our investment services and why choose us!

We mainly offer waterfront property for sale in #Asia, #Caribbean, #Italy, #Spain, #Turkey and the #UK, with over 1000's of extraordinary, affordable and luxury waterfront homes for sale worldwide.

Start your waterfront property search today!

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