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Why work with us?

We offer a passionate, friendly team of international real estate and lifestyle professionals world-wide that are experts in property finding!

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Over 20 Years in Overseas Real Estate | 100% Client Focused |1000's Of Quality Homes & Investments 

We offer a professional property finding service to help you invest overseas!

We understand that to ensure success, sourcing the ideal vacation home or investment property requires lots of thought, research and professional guidance. The sheer volume of real estate listings now published online can create confusion and means that property investors are overwhelmed with choice without having the guarantee that their properties of interest are actually available to purchase. It is common knowledge that today's overseas real estate market is saturated with inconsistent prices, unregulated agents and hard sales tactics which often harm peoples buying experience, future happiness and investment goals.

With over 20+ years selling luxury homes and investments internationally, our real estate service is designed to eliminate the time and stress involved with sourcing, negotiating and closing acquisitions. The team at Waterfront Portfolio have vast knowledge about different locations, property types and employ a sophisticated approach to all clients practical investment needs and lifestyle requirements ensuring a smooth and enjoyable buying experience.  We aim to help all customers from their point of inquiry through to completion and beyond, remaining as a lifetime ally to rely on whenever you need to upgrade/downsize your family home, business premises or investment portfolio.



By choosing to work with us you will have 100% access to all properties for sale within your location of interest.



We are able to GUARANTEE this through several methods;


  • By having our own portfolio managers based in multiple territories world-wide.

  • Via strong collaborations with a network of professional local estate agencies.  

  • Through an exclusive portfolio of listings marketed directly on behalf of local sellers.

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Follow Our 5 Easy Steps To Investment Success!

Step 1

It is really easy to get started, all you need to do is tell us exactly what you want to achieve. If you are trying to sell your property or investment then the fastest method to get started is to send us an email with full details.


If you are interested in buying a property or investment and would like guidance or would to review our exclusive properties for sale then tell us what your are searching for by using our online property search form and we shall email you a selection of matching properties for you to review!

Step 2

As soon as you contact us we shall send you a quick message to inform you that we have received your inquiry. If you are a seller then we shall review your property information and shall contact you to explain the many ways in which we can help sell your property. In some cases we may request further information about your property for sale, to save time please provide as much information regarding your property as possible when you initially inquire.


If you are a buyer and have completed our online search form then we shall begin preparing a private portfolio of properties for sale based on the details you provide us with. To ensure success it is important that you try to provide realistic data concerning the type of property, locations of interest, your budget and buying time-frame so that we present available options to match your specific requirements. 

Step 3

Buyers can expect to receive a complete tailor made property portfolio via email to review quickly. These initial listings will have been handpicked by one of our investment specialists based on the information that you have provided us with and in most cases will be sent to you within 48 hours from the point of your inquiry.  

Step 4

Once you have had time to study your property portfolio one of our team shall get in contact to find out which options you like and more importantly which properties/investments you did not like. We can then use this information to narrow our search and identify a balanced shortlist of exciting properties for you to approve, this step continues until you are happy and ready to arrange a viewing trip.

Step 5

By this stage you should be excited and ready to plan a viewing trip to your location/s of choice where you will be greeted by our professional location office teams who shall provide you with complete support and be on hand to help you with anything you need during your stay. Our regional controller will already be briefed on your property search criteria, they shall understand they type of property that you are seeking and will have been involved in the preparation of your shortlist, therefore saving you valuable time during your visit to relax and enjoy your viewing schedule. 

During your stay our local team shall be in constant contact with our head office and you will be able to speak to your first point of contact via; skype, facebook messenger, whatsapp, telephone or email so you will never feel isolated and in the case of any problem arising we will be there to help!

Upon finding a suitable property our teams shall work together with you to conclude a safe acquisition, we are partnered with the industry's best legal companies, developers and local estate agents world-wide. Therefore you can rest assured in our knowledge, experience and international network which results in successful property investments for our clients.


To get started contact us!

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