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Lake Life

Best Places To Buy A Lake House  |  Lakefront Property For Sale

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Lake Life

Your Vacation Never Ends With a Lake Life!


If you have ever visited any of the worlds great lakes or already own a lake house, then you will be aware of the awe inspiring feeling that comes with lake house living. Whether you are relishing a romantic getaway in Lake Como or Lake Garda, enjoying the ski slopes around lake Tahoe or searching for monsters in Loch Ness, spending time in such a natural environment with breathtaking waterfront scenery, wildlife and unbound activities are what makes buying a lake house real estate the key factors to enjoying a unique lake life.


Many people often feel that they are just beginning to unwind and relax as their holiday is coming to an end, after a few days or weeks you start to become more familiar with your local surroundings, reveling in a more diverse lifestyle than you normally experience day to day and often feel a sense of remorse as the time comes to pack you bags... 


This however, is not the case for everyone, those savvy and determined enough seek out the perfect lake house to encapsulate a life on the lake forever. With a waterfront property next to a lake, who needs to take a vacation? Living on the lakefront offers a year round vacation with so much to enjoy, the only decision will be which great lake to choose?  



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Daily activities that can be enjoyed along the lake shore










Lakeshore's surround vast bodies of water lending themselves as the ideal habitat to savor ample forms of exercise, exploration and water sports! Some of these include the following;

Lake Fishing - in as much as it is a sport, fishing to many people is also a hobby and lifestyle which they enjoy during their free time. Owning a lake house will provide you with the opportunity to fully immerse yourself into you favored leisure time craft by adapting to the environment, studying the aquatic life for better fishing tactics, a great way to take advantage of your new lake life.

Lake Skiing - an exhilarating activity that can be participated both on the snow covered mountains where you can admire the stunning views above the lake or on the water, equally exciting and a must do addition to life on the lakefront.


Lake Boating Activities - one of the hallmarks of lake adventures is usually boating, kayaks are the fist choice of most explorers wanting to discover the delights offered along most lakeshore. A speedboat or zodiac is another great choice to enhance your lake life, especially good for water sports enthusiasts who love wake boarding and water skiing, but also great for families wanting to have fun with inflatable ring's too!

Lakeshore Walks - taking in some fresh air, beautiful scenery and mind calming rest in the evening or before a days’ work is fabulous way to make the most of owning a lake house real estate.  

Lake Mountain Biking/Hiking - The mixed terrain surrounding the lakeshore is often a major attraction to mountain biking optimists and fans of hiking, the freedom to become one with nature, lake gaze and scout new paths is something that can really be enjoyed with a dramatic lake water backdrop.

Lake Shore
Lake Shore
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What should I consider when buying a lake house?

It is without doubt that buying a lake house will inevitably empower you to set up a stimulating lifestyle, however before you go and buy the first pretty lake house that you see for sale on the waterfront there are some important factors that need to be taken into consideration and sourcing the right lake house needs specialist support. Some of these notable considerations include;

The Lake Shore - one issue that can arise especially in heavy raining seasons is the erosion of the lake shore line enclosing the water, in most locations the water beds are perfectly engineered to naturally combat the effects of storms, wave actions, ice and water run off. In some cases this can pose a risk to any properties that have been developed along the water banks where foundations have not been properly installed, there are several protection methods which can be employed such as; soft armoring the lakeshore with live vegetation or in severe cases hard armoring via the construction of rock walls.


Lake House Prices - achieving a lake lifestyle can come at a significant cost to those seeking it. Most properties along the lake shore are usually exorbitantly priced, however by using a waterfront property specialist buyers will have access to a mixed portfolio of opportunities that cover most budgets. Tell us where you want to buy a lake house!

Lake Life Security - enjoying the warmth and excitement of your lake house is only possible if you feel secure. Lakefront properties are often situated in affluent areas and can become the target for burglary, however living on the waterfront is a known deterrent as escape access is more limited. Most lake house owners actually feel more secure knowing that one element of their property is protected and safeguarded by the water.


Accessibility - unless you own a motorboat which you moor alongside your lake house, you will need to ensure that your lake house is well-developed for both foot and road access, it is advised that yourself or waterfront property agent fully explore all potential lakefront investments by land and water before considering to make an offer.

Vacant land plots - regardless of whether you are planning to buy on the seafront, lake-shore or river bank, you always need to be aware of vacant parcels of land that do not belong to your shortlisted property. Why? Empty land means potential development, if you are wanting to buy a lake house for peace and tranquility then the last thing you want is to be surrounded by construction. The hidden possibility of losing your water view is another fatal consequence which can arise if you buy a house set back from the lake with empty land in front. It is always advisable to find out whether vacant land plots can be exploited to your disadvantage and if so to fully understand whether your view in particular is protected by height restrictions on future building projects close to your abode.

Lake House

Lake house investment grants their residents a truly magnificent lake life, complete with water based activities, mountain exploration and dazzling views. Like any new lifestyle change there are challenges which can easily be overcome by seeking the expert guidance of a professional waterfront expert. Need help buying a lake house real estate? Contact our waterfront property team today!


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