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St Barts Luxury Real Estate | Property in St Barts for Sale

Waterfront Portfolio St Barts Property

Waterfront Portfolio St Barts Property
Waterfront Portfolio Property in St Barts
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Waterfront Portfolio Property in St Barts

Looking for St Barts luxury real estate? Explore our waterfront portfolio of property in St Barts for sale and discover quality St Bath properties now! 

St Barts Luxury Real Estate

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Saint Barthélemy (St Barts or St Barths) is one of the most glitzy and glamorous of all the Caribbean islands. 

It is famed for unspoiled, reef-protected, white sand stretches such as Gouverneur Beach and Lorient Beach, along with a number of luxurious beach clubs in which you can dine and sun yourself under the Mediterranean rays. St Barts regularly draws retirees and elite holidaymakers who want to unwind among the high-end restaurants and boutiques, and there are also a number of sites and local attractions that reflect the island’s colonial history. 

Christopher Columbus first discovered the now-French-speaking island of St Barts in 1493, but this settlement was not a triumph - it wasn’t until the French arrived in 1763 that the colony became a success.

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Luxurious Property in St Barts for Sale

At Waterfront Portfolio, we are pleased to offer a wide range of luxurious waterfront property in St Barts for sale, with properties that are ideal for use as retirement or vacation properties as well as turnkey investments. 


Having exchanged hands numerous times during the early decades of settlement, St Barts has emerged with a vivid and discernible personality that encompasses aspects of all periods of rule. The island’s capital is Gustavia, so named for the Swedish King Gustav III (the French leased the island to the Swedes for more than 90 years). Today, it remains a popular tourist destination, filled with cobbled winding streets lined with luxurious shops and restaurants.


The capital borders a horseshoe-shaped, yacht-filled harbor, in which it is common for the world’s wealth, rich and famous to shore up before heading out to enjoy the high-end nightlife and entertainment found in glamorous Gustavia. The capital became a duty-free port under Swedish rule in the 18th century, and today, St Barts as a whole retains it’s free port status. It is also one of the Caribbean islands that has no income tax, another factor that makes it popular with ultra high net worth individuals.


In addition to the luxury shopping and dining found in the capital, and beyond the world-class white beaches, there are a number of other attractions to enjoy and discover. Water sports such as kite surfing, scuba diving and wake-boarding are popular on the island, as are other activities such as horseback riding. Carnival celebrations encompass the island every January, while the St Barts' film and music festivals attract top talent from around the world annually.


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The island’s architecture reflects the island’s time spent under Swedish and French colonial rule, and there is a real pick-and-mix of property in St Barts for sale; traditional house-fronts in villages are often painted in bright hues of pink, turquoise and yellow, while newer beachfront accommodation is built to a modern, luxurious standard. At Waterfront Portfolio, we have a number of St Barts homes for sale, many of which are in well-appointed parts of the island’s most exclusive neighborhoods. To inquire about our St Barts real estate for sale, contact us and learn more about St Barts real estate for sale today!

St Barts Property For Sale

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