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Buy Beach Property in Sardinia | Sardinian Real Estate For Sale

Waterfront Portfolio Sardinia Property Samples

Waterfront Portfolio Sardinia Property Samples
Waterfront Portfolio | Property For Sale in Sardinia
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Waterfront Portfolio | Property For Sale in Sardinia

Luxury seafront villa for sale in Sardinia
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Luxury seafront villa for sale in Sardinia

Luxury waterfront villa for sale Sardinia
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Luxury waterfront villa for sale Sardinia

Over 40 Years Helping Clients Invest in Italy!

Our professional property finding service will help you to discover the very best waterfront property in Sardinia plus several off market properties and hidden gems that are exclusive to us!  We can give you direct access to a diverse range of Sardinia real estate for sale in the most popular areas of the Island as well as new emerging destinations that offer huge potential. Start exploring our real estate in Sardinia by contacting us!

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Sardinia Beach House For Sale


Villa on the sea in Sardinia for sale, located halfway between Olbia and Nuoro in front of the island of Tavolara. The villa is only a hundred meters from the water and the beautiful beach and can be reached on foot through a comfortable and pleasant private path.

Sardinia Beach Villa For Sale

Porto Rafael

Situated In the superb area of Porto Rafael and facing  the unique archipelago of La Maddalena, this exclusive is in a majestic location, quality finishes, a splendid 2,000 m2 landscaped garden, olive & fruit trees along with a large swimming pool and fabulous sea views.

Nelson Bay Villa For Sale Sardinia


A fascinating private villa boasting an alluring local style and situated only 200 mt from the famous beach 'Bay of Nelson' in Punta Sardegna. A clean white building with a touch of blue immersed in a lush Mediterranean gardens offering a panoramic sea view.

Sardina Cottage For Sale

Costa Rei

A marvellous villa with typical Sardinian colors, only 5min walk to the beach! Panoramic views with private gardens surrounding the spacious, 160m2 villa it offers 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room with fireplace, kitchen, a terrace and a cosy porch – a truly affordable corner of Sardinian Paradise! 

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We offer a complete service to help you buy a Property in Sardinia 

Property in Italy

A relatively small ( 24.000 sq km)  but indeed infinite land on the sea, often called “the Caribbean” of Europe is for many a Heaven on Earth not only for summer holidays but as an ideal, recharging retreat . Who visits this island remains struck by its unique and powerful natural beauty – visiting Sardinia is often a life-changing experience! 

Sardinian coasts are washed by the colors sea water can hold only in this part of Mediterranean – crystal clean, in myriad of blue and green shades coupled with fine white sandy beaches invite for contemplative, relaxed mood where the sea, land and air sublimely gratify all six senses. The most inspired and skilled writers tried to describe the extraordinary  landscape, intense scents of maquis,  the soft waves  and ever-present sea breeze and, like D-H. Lawrence said “This land resembles no other place. Sardinia is something else. Enchanting spaces and distances to travel – nothing finished, nothing definitive. It is like freedom itself. Sardinia is out of time and history

Helping to find you the best Waterfront Property in Sardinia!

Italian Homes
Sardinia Hotel For Sale

Within her generous territory Sardinia treasures an immense choice for activities and discoveries, from hiking, biking, diving, horseback riding, golfing, kite-surfing to ( superlative ) wine tasting or archaeology learning – along  with enjoying traditional crafts, marvelous food – and genuine local’s mentality!  Not to forget cruising - an experience of cruising, either in a sail boat or in chartered yacht, is essential to comprehend the delight and value of the island – due to coastal diversity and tens of  tiny isles there are hidden beaches, cliffs and “seagull’s kingdoms”  one should not miss when in Sardinia…

Travelers, holiday makers and holiday home owners from all over the world keep coming for decades to every corner of the island – from the trendiest Costa Smeralda in the North to the sharp South around Cagliari and Costa Rei, from exciting Alghero on North West to seductive Olbia on North East.


The stunning and very diverse property market, from residence apartments to amazing luxurious beachfront villas,  is mainly focused along the coast line of Sardinia( 2.000 km long ) comprising beachfront, sea-view and hill-side properties, with soft urban property market in Cagliari ( capital town ) Sassari and Olbia. And since Sardinia is “the place where colors are being born before they spread around the world” we can surely find your ideal home here, with your personal colors …




Discover our exclusive portfolio of Sardinia Real Estate For Sale

Italian Real Estate
Nelson Bay Villa For Sale Sardinia

If you are looking to buy property in Sardinia, your search ends with Waterfront Portfolio and our professional property finding expertise together with our immense range of Sardinia real estate for sale!


We have a number of beautiful Sardinia homes on the beaches and in the hills above the waterfront providing panoramic open sea views, cool breezes and breath-taking scenery.


Our selection of property in Sardinia includes; villas and apartments, boutique hotels, renovation properties and some ultra luxurious homes for sale. If you are thinking about investing in Sardinia and need help identifying the ideal holiday home or investment property or would like to speak to one of our Sardinia property experts for guidance on areas, buying procedures or anything else then please get in touch with us today and we shall be delighted to help!


If you already know the type of property that you are wanting to buy in Sardinia and would like to receive a selection of matching opportunities from our private portfolio then tell us more about your property search and look out for our email with latest deals!

Discover our exclusive range of Sardinia Real Estate For Sale 

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Great Places to Buy Waterfront Property in Italy

Nestling in the shadow of the Italian alps, Lake Como combines dramatic scenery with a tranquil waterside setting. A retreat for the artists, aristocrats and high status individuals since Roman times, it remains one of the most beautiful and romantic locations in Italy. 

The picturesque Lake Garda is the largest of Italy’s lakes, famous for it’s stunning blue hue and variety of entertainment, leisure and natural beauty. 

As a magnificent pre-alpine location, Maggiore is rich with vast diversity of stunning landscapes and astonishing views where the first time visitors often experience the startling feeling of being in or walking / driving through a huge Italian painting here! The striking backdrop of the Alps (often snow-capped), lush vegetation and generous pinewoods the lake is framed by make Italy Lake Maggiore property for sale highly sought after.

Make the journey to Liguria, the moon-shaped area of northwest Italy that perfectly outlines the astounding Mediterranean coastline. Popularly know as the Italian Riviera, the region offers guests and year-round inhabitants a quintessentially Italian stylish and luxurious lifestyle. 

Take in the breathtaking architecture from your very own gondola ride along the world-famous glittering canals, and soon you’ll understand why many are quick to snap up a property for sale in Venice.

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