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Real Estate Indonesia | Indonesia House For Sale 

Waterfront Portfolio Indonesia Real Estate

Waterfront Portfolio Indonesia Real Estate
Sumba Island | Hameli Ate Seafront Land For Sale $49k | Waterfront Portfolio
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Sumba Island | Hameli Ate Seafront Land For Sale $49k | Waterfront Portfolio

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Sumba Island New Villas For Sale
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Sumba Island New Villas For Sale

Raja Ampat Private Island Dive Center For Sale | Under Market Value |
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Raja Ampat Private Island Dive Center For Sale | Under Market Value |

Explore real estate Indonesia, buy waterfront property in Indonesia. We offer a diverse portfolio of Indonesia House for Sale, Islands, Land and much more! 

Find Paradise with exclusive Real Estate Indonesia 

Indonesia is a collection of jeweled paradise islands scattered across the equator and offering a tropical escape from everyday life. Here are the emerald seas, white sand beaches and swaying palm trees of your dreams.

Indonesia is an island nation, spread across over 13,000 islands of which just 7,000 are inhabited. It offers an astonishing cultural diversity with 300 languages spoken and a treasure trove of unique history to explore. The country lies predominantly in South East Asia although a number of islands dip into Oceania with over 260 million people calling Indonesia home. The vast majority of Indonesian Islands enjoy a warm tropical climate, with balmy humid conditions. The dry season runs from May to September with a wet season between October and April characterized by intense tropical downpours. 

Explore Indonesia's secret paradise, Kepulauan Anambas 

One of the greatest challenges when travelling to Indonesia is deciding just where to go!  The range of beautiful and often volcanic islands can be overwhelming. Some of the best-known visitor spots are Bali and Lombok, both offering picture postcard beaches and dramatic volcanic vistas. Lombok is a little quieter than its more commercialized neighbour with rather more opportunities to explore authentic Indonesian culture. Java provides a cosmopolitan experience with its main city, Yogyakarta boasting a population of half a million people. Spectacular temples are a large draw here as well as great shopping and restaurants. For true unspoiled beauty, the Kepulauan Anambas archipelago offers a pristine location in the South China Sea. Snorkeling and diving are a must here, with several significant wrecks attracting a wide range of marine life.

To experience Indonesia is to experience one of the greatest displays of biodiversity on earth. Tropical plants explode from jungle and coastal habitats supporting an array of exotic animal life. Rare species such as Komodo Dragons and Sea Turtles exist in ancient habitats that remain unspoiled by modern life. It can feel like an otherworldly experience as you travel in Indonesia, the beauty and range of life is astonishing. Travel to Indonesia is largely by air into Java, Jakarta or Bali although other islands have air entry points via Singapore and Malaysia. Travelling between Islands is achieved by boat with ferry or private hire options available for exploring way off the beaten track. To start searching for real estate opportunities in Indonesia  GET IN TOUCH!

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Discover Indonesia Homes for Sale

Real Estate Indonesia offers a rare opportunity to invest in your own private island. Creating a remote idyll of true privacy, relaxation and beauty may seem like a dream, but it doesn’t have to be. At Waterfront Portfolio, we can help transform that dream into reality. We can assist you in finding an island that meets your expectations and guide you through the practicalities of investing and developing a unique proposition.  Whether you’re looking for a private island or beachfront retreat we can help you discover the best real estate Indonesia that truly meets your needs. Waterfront Portfolio are experts at finding the most unique and exclusive properties on the market, so whether you are searching for a dream development or a luxury escape, we can help. Contact us to discuss your dream property in Indonesia today.


Raja Ampat Dive Lodge

Latest Indonesia Waterfront Property For Sale


Mystery Island For Sale

A truly remarkable opportunity to purchase the acclaimed “Mystery Island”.  This is an outstanding large site with the potential to become a global draw card for your resort brand or become the iconic anchor site for a new luxury beach resort hotel.



Beach Plot Indonesia Bintan Island

Bintan Island Beach Plot For Sale

Situated opposite the super metropolis Singapore this prime beachfront land plot of 15,000m2 is ideal for developing a luxury waterfront home with jetty, white sandy beach, glorious turquoise sea and splendid ocean views. Freehold sale. 



Raja Ampat Resort Island For Sale

Private Island Resort Raja Ampat

Private island paradise in the heart of the scattered jewels of Raja Ampat offers the opportunity to own the entire island which includes 15 hectares of land with FREEHOLD ownership. Also included in the sale is 4 seafront bungalows that currently serve visitors as an exclusive B&B.



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Journey to “The Land of Smiles” in Southeast Asia, where you can explore nature both above ground and underwater, or hop between islands and relax in tranquility.


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