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Waterfront Portfolio Asia Property

Waterfront Portfolio Asia Property
Waterfront Portfolio Real Estate For Sale in Asia
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Waterfront Portfolio Real Estate For Sale in Asia

Indonesia Real Estate
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Indonesia Real Estate

Menkiang Island For Sale Indonesia - Resort Development
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Menkiang Island For Sale Indonesia - Resort Development

Tenak Island For Sale Indonesia
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Tenak Island For Sale Indonesia

Popular Locations in Asia:  Indonesia   Thailand

Search the best places in Asia with the help of Waterfront Portfolio. Explore our property for sale in Asia, find amazing Asian property at very affordable prices! 

Property for sale in Asia

Asia - Ideal Location To Buy Waterfront Homes

From the tremendously fast-paced and breathtaking dynamics of Singapore and Tokyo to the pristine and crystal beaches of the Anambas Islands in Indonesia, Asia manages to encapsulate excitement and serenity in the perfect blend. Every single region is somehow characteristic and various than the other, boasting completely different traditions, history, culture and cuisine. The Asian continent is certainly among the most exciting travel destinations and as the current trends definitively shows, a wonderful area to invest in Asian property. 

Where is Asia

Where is Asia? – The Continent in Modern Perspective

If you are researching waterfront property for sale in Asia and are asking where is Asia? The quickest reply is that it is the largest continent on our planet with an impressive location bordering Europe, The Mediterranean, Black Sea, the Caspian Sea as well as the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. It is probably because of this convenient location that it is one of the most popular contemporary destinations world-wide to visit, work and to buy waterfront homes. With this in mind, buying waterfront homes in the emerging Asian market is without a doubt a lucrative approach for both investment and exquisite holiday time away.

Asia Today – Modernistic With a Pinch of Exotica 

Asia Today

Asia today is home to some of the most influential economies of the world including;

  • China


  • Japan


  • India


  • Indonesia


  • Saudi Arabia


  • Malaysia


  • UAE



Each of these powerful economies are of tremendous importance, rendering the Asian property market incredibly robust with extreme diversity. Owning waterfront homes in Asia today is an exciting endeavor within a destination which provides tremendous lifestyle expansion and career enhancing employment opportunities in some of the leading corporations on a global scale. Living in Asia today is particularly invigorating, each location provides bountiful adventure with so much to explore, taste and see. This is especially true if you direct your attention towards our exclusive waterfront homes which offer life changing direction in a location where no other quite compares to Asia today!

Asia Today

Find the best waterfront properties and latest investment deals quickly to help you conserve time, research better, and save money.

Property For Sale In Asia - Living in Asia Today

Waterfront Homes

As we mentioned above, Asia borders quite a lot of seas including the pristine and vast Pacific, warm transparent Indian Ocean, not to mention the thousands of lakes and rivers. This skyrockets the continent as one of the best and most desirable destinations for waterfront homes. We specialize in the unique, stylish waterfront properties for sale in Asia today. Our portfolio is designed to cater for those who truly want to experience the taste of Asia, with fine living, spectacular and breathtaking vistas, luxurious interiors, countless waterfront amenities, recreational activities and some of the cleanest air in the world!

Whether you are seeking a holiday house on the beach, a property for work relocation or a retirement house check out our extensive portfolio of waterfront homes in the best places in Asia. 

BuyingProperty in Asia

Waterfront Property For Sale in Asia, a Convenient Solution to the Fresh Air Crisis in Asia Today.

The world is facing an enveloping fresh air crisis. With the hardcore production industries advancing with temps beyond comprehension, the quality of the air is most certainly compromised, to say the least. In fact, even in Asia today certain cities have gone so far as to integrate fresh-air warning systems which would prohibit people to leave their apartments because the levels of pollution are so high. Beijing is a prime example. 

However living in Asian property on the waterfront reduces the levels of pollution exposure within major cities. Waterfronts are nature’s most powerful filter, washing away and filtering the harmful air-borne substances, fresh sea air is proven to combat against smog to reduce effects of living in a busy metropolis. 

Locations like the Anambas Islands just 300km from Singapore offers the cleanest air in Asia today, unspoiled white sandy beaches, eco-houses, crystal bays with abundant marine life and complete tranquility combine to make this special remote paradise to visit and buy waterfront homes.

Best places in asia

Asia Map

Asia map

Map of Asia to help you discover where is Asia, by using this Asia map you can understand Asia today, making it easier to research more about potential locations to buy waterfront homes. 

Want to explore our Asia Property For Sale?   

Best Places in Asia to buy Asian Property

The sandy beaches, world famous diving sites, national parks, historic relics, crystal waters, varied cuisine and magnificent landscape are just a few examples of why Indonesia is one of the most exciting destinations in the world to visit and invest. These natural attractions are complemented by a rich cultural heritage that reflects Indonesia's dynamic history and ethnic diversity. 

Journey to “The Land of Smiles” in Southeast Asia, where you can explore nature both above ground and underwater, or hop between islands and relax in tranquility.


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