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Since debut in 2010 our award winning niche waterfront property finding / marketing services have attracted the attention of many international investors seeking to find their dream new home, commercial property or investment as well as many private sellers seeking investment. Unlike static location based estate agents we have the power to match our clients with amazing real estate and investments deals world-wide. Our services are used to source/market property deals for the worlds elite investors and developers!

To activate our full resources and help you find or sell a property please select a plan below to get started! 


Can't decide? Read Our Services Brochure to learn how we can help or read some FAQ's below!

Why Should I Use Waterfront Portfolio?


With over 20 years experience successfully working within the real estate sector our professional property finding and marketing consultancy service is niche with partner offices world-wide. We offer our clients a highly experienced, professional, entrepreneurial and forward thinking team dedicated to sourcing the best property for your budget or finding serious buyers to help you sell.

Do You Only Specialize With Waterfront?


We can help you find / sell all types of property including apartments, hotels, land, islands, resorts,  villas, luxury homes, super homes, buildings, offices, development projects. We do specialize with waterfront real estate but also have many opportunities set back from the water which offer super panoramic views.

What Is The Process?


After you have selected a plan via our website someone from our team shall contact you to learn more about your property search or the property you are wanting to sell. We may ask you to complete a ‘property form’ which is used to help us fully understand the type of property that you are wanting to find / sell. If we cannot match your requirements to a property or buyer immediately we shall get to work by utilizing our extensive network of offices, affiliates, brokers and partners to maximize results quickly.

Why Do You Charge A Fee?


Like most consultancy companies (lawyers, financial advisers etc) we charge a fee for our services, we do this for many reasons here are some examples;


  • Our Time: Professional property finding / marketing is a very time exhausting process and simply put, we value our time.

  • Travel Costs: We are often required to travel to view properties for you, meet sellers / buyers and complete due-diligence.

  • Commitment: We receive 1000’s of inquiries each month from buyers/sellers worldwide our fee proves you are committed.

  • Scammers: The world unfortunately is full of scammers and yes we have been tried and tested, our fees act as protection.

  • Business: As much as we love what we do and are dedicated to our clients we are still running a business and need to profit.



Have we missed something?

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