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Yalova Turkey, a better Investment option than Istanbul Real Estate?

Yalova Turkey
Yalova Turkey

Yalova Turkey

Yalova Turkey is situated just south of Istanbul a mere 45 minute ferry ride ( ) across the Marmara sea and offers visitors a unique location to explore which is ideal for retirement, re-location, holidays and investment!

Originally a vacation hot-spot for people living in Istanbul, Yalova Turkey has recently emerged as a perfectly balanced coastal city to buy real estate in Turkey. With heavy traffic in Istanbul a major turn off for foreign buyers, especially considering the investment destinations often marketed to overseas buyers such as Buyukcekmece, Zeytinburnu and Bahcesehir (which can take up to 2 hrs travel time to the city center by car during peak traffic) Yalova is now seen as the ideal area in Turkey to buy property.

As well as great accessibility to both the European and Asian sides of Istanbul, Yalova Turkey offers an array of activities and special attractions like; healthy thermal springs, beautiful natural landscapes great for hiking, trekking and touring by bicycle.

Just 12km from central Yalova is the famous Yalova Termal region where you can enjoy the natural health benefits of the healing thermal waters which health professionals agree can diminish the symptoms of various ailments including skin, orthopedic, mental and functional disorders.

Yalova Real Estate

In recent years the once booming Istanbul real estate market has begun to plateau with an influx of cheap projects and even more under-construction the lower level investment sector across the many satellite towns west of central Istanbul have become saturated with new developments many of which are overpriced and spout unrealistic capital growth and non-achievable returns.

This market change has led many savvy real estate investors both domestic and international to seek greener pastures, and quite literally Yalova real estate is where they have found it. A natural region with fabulous green lands, natural thermal health springs, water falls, beaches and a more tranquil lifestyle makes Yalova the prime location to buy real estate in Turkey.

Is Now a Good Time to Buy Property in Yalova?

Most definitely, there really is no time to wait if you want to buy property in Yalova and there are many factors set to influence investment demand in this exciting location including the following;

  • Domestic Investment - The recent influx of domestic investment moving to areas outside of major cities like Ankara, Izmir and Istanbul has seen a growth in property prices especially within areas that offer a better quality of life yet still easily accessible to a major airport and city. There are many reasons as to why domestic investors already living in Turkey are seeking to buy property in Yalova, one main issue is due to the impact of immigration which many feel is shaping big cities into a place of unrest due to conflicting beliefs and lifestyle values. Also the stress caused by increased traffic especially in Istanbul means that the option to buy a property in Yalova which is renown for its health benefits is a massive attraction.

  • Increasing Property Prices - Like any popular area that begins to see an increased investment demand, as more people decide to buy property in Yalova land owners begin to raise their asking prices. Simple economics dictate that an increase in land acquisition will result in higher costs to the developer and thus meaning each year you dwell on your decision to buy a property in Yalova you risk paying 30% more on your investment. Another more recent factor is the embargo enforced on Steel and Aluminium for Turkey by the United States, not only has it thrown the Turkish Lira into turmoil by drastically falling in value against the dollar, euro and sterling (a good factor for foreign investors as your money will stretch further if you decide to by property in Yalova) but the obvious hike in materials will effectively mean a property price increase by the construction company.. conclusion now is the best time to buy a property in Yalova!

Where To Invest in Yalova?

Cinircik Yalova Turkey
Cinircik - Yalova

When deciding where to invest in Yalova, it is highly advisable to take a quick tour around the region, ideally with a local professional who can show you the prime areas to invest in Yalova. Right now one of the best areas to invest in Yalova is the naturally beautiful area of 'Cinarcik' a seaside location which offers a perfect balance of peace and tranquility with a good social + activity scene to boost your quality of life during the daytime and evenings. Cinarcik has a distinct relaxed atmosphere that is appealing to anyone wanting to invest in yalova for retirement, relocation or vacations!


The Loft Yalova
Prime Yalova Real Estate Project

A great example of where to invest in Yalova is our prime new residential development which offers ultra-modern luxurious apartments with great panoramic views and everything you need to enjoy a life in nature just 250m from the waterfront from only $35,000 !!!

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