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Beachfront Homes For Sale

Beachfront homes for sale are generally considered the most sought after properties within the luxury real estate market and offer the perfect place to live. Many buyers of beachfront homes are attracted by the sheer escape value that beach living exudes, radiating sunshine is common with most beachfront destinations which helps people unwind, whilst the cool salty ocean acts as a reinvigorating health boost when combined together with the fresh sea air.

A major appeal to Beach Life is the unbound outdoor activities that can be enjoyed on a daily basis including;

  • Long Walks / Jogging / Running

  • Water Sports; Swimming, Surfing, Diving, Wake-boarding, Fishing

  • BBQ's or Picnics with Friends and Family

  • Sunbathing, Painting, Reading, Photography, Relaxing

  • Games and other activities such as; Exploring Rock Pools, Skimming Stones, Playing in the Waves and much more!

Having the opportunity to enjoy nature at its finest is precious, especially in today's technological world where so many of us are buried in our laptops or smartphones.

The liberating sense of freedom that comes with owning a property on the beachfront is a powerful feeling, waking up to clear blue sky's, views of the open sea and golden beaches ignites the native explorer within us which wants to get out and discover life to its full.

Where to find beachfront homes for sale?

Today's overseas property markets offer a wide choice of exotic destinations to buy a beachfront home, this decision will heavily depend on whether you are investing in a relocation property for permanent residence or keen to purchase a new holiday beach house to escape the cold winter months.

Asia has fast become one of the best exotic locations to find beach front homes for sale, with private Islands in Indonesia offering peace and tranquility, the glorious beaches of Thailand offer another superior alternative to more mature markets like Spain and Turkey.

Depending on your lifestyle and hobbies you may choose the white powder shores in the Caribbean or perhaps prefer the delights of Italy along the Mediterranean coast.

How much does it cost to buy a beachfront property?

A common misconception about the prices of beachfront properties often leads real estate investors away from exploring the many affordable beachfront homes for sale. Like for example the fabulous beach front resort apartments in Christchurch, Barbados that are currently available from $365,000.

Other options include the many small private Islands for sale in Indonesia, with prices starting from $200,000 investors can develop their own private residences or add plots to portfolios for future re-sale and capitalist on the fast growing real estate markets in Asia.

Beachfront Indonesia

Turkey and regions of Spain also offer beachfront property buyers an array of apartments, villas and beach bungalows that are affordably priced, with several deals starting from only $95,000, ideal if looking for a cheap holiday home or buy-to-let.

For those who are not so price conscious there are outstanding beach properties for sale world-wide, like this ultra luxurious residence once home to famous fashion designer Donna Karan, an eight bedroom mansion sat right on Parrot Cay in the Turks & Caiscos Islands which can be yours for a mere $39,000,000.

Beachfront Homes For Sale in Turks & Caicos

No matter your budget we have an extensive selection of fabulous beach homes for sale, if you are a holiday home buyer or commercial investor, discover our large Waterfront Portfolio of beachfront homes for sale by contacting us today!

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