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Best Caribbean Islands

Curious as to which are the best Caribbean Islands? Want to know where to buy Caribbean property? Discover Waterfront Portfolio and read our experts suggestions about where to explore & invest in 2018.

The best Caribbean islands have always been a tourist haven; a place of serene adventures and surreal existence. There is so much to see and do here, from snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing to just lounging on a hammock on the beach. In any of the best Caribbean islands, you can be sure to enjoy fun times, great weather, warm sea and exotic cocktails! The locals are friendly, and the indigent culture is easy going with a simple appreciation for life.

"Easy Going With A Simple Appreciation For Life"

The Caribbean is one big locale, it is made up of different islands (Countries) with various cultures each with its very own unique appeal, rules and regulations, especially when it comes to buying Caribbean Property.

Many people visit the Caribbean to relax and ease off stress from the hustle of their everyday lives in the big cities of their home countries, while others come to find a Caribbean property to enjoy long vacations with growing numbers of foreigners relocating and make some of the best Caribbean islands their home.

The islands of 'Barbados', ‘Virgin Islands', ‘St Lucia', ‘Jamaica’, ‘Turks & Caicos', ‘Bahamas’, ‘St Vincent & the Grenadines', ‘Puerto Rico' and ‘St Bart's’ are considered the best Caribbean islands and most favored with international investors wanting to buy a Caribbean property.

Making a home in one of the best Caribbean islands comes at a price, with some of the more exclusive locations like Barbados and the Bahamas considered more expensive than places like St Lucia which is fast becoming the preferred tourism destination among European travelers. Living on these islands is a different ball game entirely, especially when looking to acquire Caribbean property, you would have to consider the local language, the perception of the local community to foreigners, the opportunities for investment and the weather. Below is a snap shot overview of the best Caribbean islands for 2018;

St Lucia

This lush, beautiful Eastern Caribbean island nation is home to the beautiful Piton Mountains, colorful reef diving sites, luxury beaches and a thriving tourism culture. The locals are welcoming and the whole environment, a Paradise, making it one of the best Caribbean islands to live in and holiday. The 'lingua franca' is English and most islanders have basic education. The cost of owning a property is fair here but like most vibrant tourist locations, Caribbean property prices have been forced up by the thriving business. Tell us about your property search in St Lucia


This island nation is better known for being the home country of hit making R&B singer

Rihanna. Barbados is also beautiful and easy going island, home to exclusive restaurants, couture fashion boutiques and luxury homes making it one of the best Caribbean islands to migrate and invest.

A thriving cruise ship port and a vibrant tourism industry makes it an ideal place for foreigners looking to establish a life here. The former British colony still retains its multicultural outlook, making it an ideal destination for those seeking variety. Buying Caribbean property in Barbados is a very easy process for overseas investors and is supported by government policy which encourages foreign investment. Tell us about your property search in Barbados

St Vincent and the Grenadines

This lush Island paradise of reefs and sailing is also one of the very best Caribbean islands to invest, enjoy holidays and consider for retirement. SVG as it is known for short hosts an array of tourist attractions and has become one of the top destinations for those looking to settle buy Caribbean property.

The island nation is developed with amenities and infrastructure in place to cater for the teeming number of investors and settlers that throng the island yearly. The government has made doing business and owning real estate easy in SVG and this has reflected in the steady property market. Tell us about your property search in St Vincent & the Grenadines

For more information about the Caribbean and to request assistance in either buying or selling a Caribbean Property please contact us.

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