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(New Health Protocols For Travel To Saint Lucia)

As part of a responsible phased approach to the re-opening of Saint Lucian economy, the Government of Saint Lucia has announced the reopening of the borders for air travel from June 4th, 2020.


When do the airports and seaports open? Do these entry points open at the same time?

In phase one ONLY airports will resume operation on June 4, 2020. Travelers must check with their airlines to confirm flight schedule and availability. Information about the opening of seaports in Saint Lucia will be shared when it is available.


Given that many countries still have their borders closed as they try to manage the spread and impact of COVID-19, why have you decided to open Saint Lucia up now?

  • Saint Lucia at present has recorded a 100% recovery rate of all positive cases and have conducted rigid contact tracing.

  • With the reopening, the health and safety of the population and visitors remain of highest importance and will guide the protocols being observed.

  • Tourism contributes 65% of the island’s GDP therefore we cannot remain closed indefinitely.

  • The phased approach to reopening has been an inclusive and collaborative process; the national COVID-19 Response Task Force has held several segment meetings to receive input from a wide range of stakeholder groups.

  • The Chief Medical Officer and the COVID-19 Response Task Force have played a leading role in the development of the re-opening program.


How many cases of COVID-19 are there in Saint Lucia? And what is the population of the island? Saint Lucia has a population of approx 180,000. The island has had a total of 18 cases, as of Friday 15th May 2020 ALL 18 cases have recovered. So Saint Lucia boasts a record of no deaths linked to Covid-19 and a 100% recovery rate.


What measures are in place to protect visitors? From arrival into Saint Lucia, at the airport, the airport transfers (ground transportation), and the stay at the hotel – throughout the visit guests are being cared for. Public health protocols including (though not limited to) physical distancing, regular temperature checks, wearing masks and enhanced hygiene measures will be observed.


On arrival in Saint Lucia, what will the customs and immigration process entail? On arrival in Saint Lucia;
  • Travelers will have their temperature checked. 

  • Access to the immigration hall will be managed by observing physical distancing protocols that will be marked. 

  • Luggage will be sanitized on arrival. 

  • In an effort to reduce the waiting time immigration forms and customs declarations must be completed in advance. 


Is car hire/car rental available? No car hire services are not available in Phase 1. However authorized taxi services are available.


Is PPE required during airport transfers and in taxis? Yes, travelers must wear a mask on the flight, in the airport i Saint Lucia and in taxis.


If a guest falls sick and they need to stay longer than the period of the reservation, who pays for the extended stay? The guests who are quarantined will be offered specially discounted rates.


Will any shops be open? Yes, some shops will be open however the numbers  of people in the shops will be controlled, and masks must be worn and social distancing and hand sanitization protocols followed. 


How safe is it to get a taxi to the accommodation provider? Perfectly safe – all ground transportation will be provided by certified operators.


Should you have any specific questions or queries regarding your travel plans to St Lucia or if you would like us to assist you in booking a hotel or anything else then please do not hesitate to contact us!

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