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What makes St Vincent and the Grenadines so special?

10 Reasons why you need to visit Bequia & buy real estate in SVG.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a business-friendly, safe country that enjoys an excellent equilibrium between expats and locals. In many ways it is still very natural and unspoiled. There are no large chain hotels, no spring break and no shopping malls. In relation to many of the other offerings in the Caribbean, here’s what you’ll discover about our properties including land, luxury villas, commercial resorts and islands for sale in St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

Ten reasons you should choose Bequia to buy real estate in SVG

1. No two properties are alike and every view is different. Most real estate SVG are on at least a ½ acre with privacy all around yet close to neighbors.

2. With thirty two islands there are an abundance of waterfront properties high on the hill or down by beachfront especially in Bequia which is one of the most desired areas to buy real estate in SVG.

3. Each island in St Vincent and the Grenadines have a different personality that will suit all real estate buyers. If your passion is golf, it’s Canouan, if your passion is kite surfing it’s Union Island, if you want to live a perfect private island, it’s Mustique or you can find luxury in Bequia.

4. The hilly and lush terrain in St Vincent and the Grenadines is exactly what affords great natural beauty, visual interest and breathtaking views of the ocean, mountainside and the beach - while flat islands (like the Bahamas for example) have very little to offer in terms of views.

5. In other such islands, only waterfront property hold the attraction for perspective real estate buyers while the properties inland need to have more services and other amenities in order to attract buyers and keep their interest over time.

6. In St Vincent and the Grenadines building into the landscape is a matter of know-how and it is what makes real estate in SVG exceptional and achievable to develop well at low cost.

7. The beauty of St Vincent and the Grenadines is that they have ridge-tops with gently sloping hillsides which means that it’s easy to drive the hills and you can build SVG real estate to enjoy spectacular sunrise views on one side of a property and an even more spectacular sunset views on the other side of the property. These views and this lifestyle in Bequia, St Vincent is priceless!

8. St Vincent and the Grenadines is situation in the Eastern Caribbean where as you may know, tropical storms keep Bequia and the islands verdant and lush, whereas the Bahamas and other areas of the Caribbean are positioned in the direct path of bad weather including Hurricanes.

9. St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a growing region, with real estate SVG very popular with property investors, holiday home buyers and expats that want to enjoy an authentic tropical region and truly Caribbean vs. other islands with a more American sensibility. Also other Islands in the north east are very cool in the winter months whereas if you buy real estate in SVG, especially Bequia it will maintain a very comfortable temperature all year round and benefit from the trade winds.

10. In an exclusive community of islands that include Mustique, Petit Nevis, Palm Island, Bequia and Canouan, the new owner of our islands for sale like Isle A Quatre can create a new jewel with its own brilliant personality. There are concessions for those who purchase islands and other real estate SVG.

If you would like us to prepare a portfolio of SVG real estate options for you to review please click here !

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