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Turkey's First Modern Student Accommodation Buy-to-Let Investment Opportunity - Only $49,700 USD

Situated next to one of Turkey’s largest universities, with a total of 5 different departments of science and more than 110,000 students every academic term. The biggest challenge for students in this location is accommodation as the private and government dorms only house 34% of the total number of students. This huge gap in the market place has created a high demand for new quality student accommodation and is the reason why this new investment project is tipped to become a big success!

A Wining Investment Model

Buy Student Property Turkey

The project will provide quality student accommodation to help with the major shortage of dormitories required for 110,000+ students in the area whilst offering a unique investment model and is the first of its kind in Turkey. Student accommodation is a winning investment model world-wide, it provides investors with the opportunity to earn high ROI whilst contributing to the needs of academics striving to improve themselves and their community.

Guaranteed Returns

Student Property For Sale

Investors will be provided a minimum rental guarantee of 8% income however it is more than likely that the income achievable shall be much higher (16%) upon completion due to the fact that more than 60% of university students in the area are in desperate need for quality living quarters. Each year the number of students is increasing with the development of another university within the same vicinity due to complete within 4 years, prices of student accommodation is set to appreciate in value dramatically as will the demand for modern student housing.

Development Facilities​

Modern Residences For Sale Turkey

A modern development with 29.000m² area, 60.000m² construction area, 45m² private rooms and common usage areas. Full social, study and leisure facilities for students; lounges, tv and games rooms, karaoke, conference rooms, shops, market, photocopy centre, dry cleaning, laundry & ironing room, university study, gym and sports studios, cafe and restaurant, spa, pool, computer rooms, studying areas, music room, design room, storage lockers, polyclinic, secure parking, football fields, basketball courts, walking areas, bicycle paths, concert and entertainment area, barbecue, open cinemas and specially designed landscaping.


Turkish Rental Investment Apartments

The Student Residence is located in a beautiful area of Turkey less than 1 ½ hours drive from central Istanbul. The development is under construction within walking distance to the University Campus which has more than 110,000+ students per academic term. The area is also famed for its stunning fresh water lake that is surrounded by forest-covered mountains on its northern side; because of its outstanding natural beauty, the area has become one of the top weekend getaways destinations for Istanbulites and international visitors. A popular way to explore the lake and region is by bicycle; There are several buildings of interest in the region as well, including wonders of the ottoman and byzantine eras the area benefits from an oceanic climate with warm summers and cool winters. Part of what makes this location so special is the fact that it gets covered in snow in the wintertime, making it an ideal ski resort close to Istanbul.

Key Investment Points​

Buy to let Investment Turkey

* Modern Student Residence Project * One Of Turkey’s Largest Universities * High Demand 110,000+ Students * 60% Accommodation Shortage * Only 2,500 Units For Sale * Guaranteed Rental Income * High Capital Appreciation * Low Prices Only $49,700 USD * Staged Payments Available * Fully Managed By Global Student Service Provider

​Price & Payment Plan

Student Residence Investment Turkey

Unit Price: $49,700 USD Down Payment: 35% ($17,395)

Installments: 24 Months

Completion: 24 Months


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