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Hameli Ate lyes in one of the most beautiful spots of West Sumba. Situated within 25 minutes from the airport, it offers a perfect location to explore the treasures of West Sumba.

The closest surroundings include such places as Weekuri Lake and Mandorak beach - the two natural must-sees of the island. Splendid wild beaches with pristine waters are only a few minutes away by car or by bicycle. Those passionate about surfing will also appreciate the accessibility of two renowned surf spots in Sumba - Pero and Wanyapu.

From real estate standpoint, what makes Hameli Ate plots exceptional is the possibility to have a large clifffront facing for smaller plots: in average, in Sumba you would have to purchase around 1ha of terrain to get 30-40 meters of beach or cliff front. In Hameli Ate, the same cliff line is available for plots up from 1800 sqm.

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Nicholas Dantes

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